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Tivo is King Article
by Bill Reynolds


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Your family will be amazed to learn that television is one of the leading causes of household quarrels in America.

Either the husband is so captivated by a NFL game that leads the wife to harass him about household chores, or the wife is so enamored with George Clooney that she wrestles with the husband for the remote control.

These are some of the instances when television creates trouble for the marriage, and when fact proves stranger than fiction.

Hence, one MAY deduce that if there is a way to come to peace with
seemingly conflicting television habits, then it can also be a way to
come to peace with marital differences.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo is a revolutionary product that merges the best
features of two outstanding products. On one hand, you have the
excellent digital quality and a splendid wealth of channels offered by
DirecTV, the leader in satellite television broadcasting. On the
other, you have Tivo, the invention that actually changed the face of
television viewing. DirecTV DVR by Tivo , in theory, can also be more
efficient than most marriage counselors in the land.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo, allows you to record one, or even two, shows at
the same time! Additionally, you can record one program while watching
another live. At home, the spouses no longer have to argue between
watching Keanu Reeves or the Hawaiian Tropic girls. She can enjoy her
show on her time, and he can enjoy his when he pleases as well..

DirecTV DVR by Tivo also promotes 35 hours of storage capacity.That
means that the family can take a two week road trip to visit the
in-laws and nobody will miss a single episode of their favorite TV
show. Everything they want to watch will be waiting safely for their
return. .

Additionally, DirecTV DVR allows users to pause a live feed, a feature
which was considered impossible in the past. That means that he can
freeze the game while he pays for the pizza, or she can put her show
on hold while helping herself to a snack in the kitchen. Nothing has
to be missed! The husband can simply freeze an NFL game to comply with
the wife's wishes that he tends to their six-month old baby .

If he knows she goes gaga over the mere sight of Ashton Kutcher, he
could just program the DirecTV DVR by Tivo to lookup the schedules by
the actor's name and the box would automatically record all the shows
where that actor makes an appearance. Would there be a better act of
thoughtfulness than that?

Finally, our happy couple could simply celebrate a romantic evening
together while enjoying the crystal clear quality of digital broadcast
as enhanced by the DirecTV DVR. They could laugh and cry together,
while savoring each other's company. Though there is no guarantee,
DirecTV DVR by Tivo could be the best thing marriage has ever seen.


Bill Reynolds is a independent columnist and freelance journalist. A
frequently visited site for good deals is - Dish
Networks & DirecTV

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