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Survivor Vanuatu

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12-10-04 article by Mike Liebner,

This season of Survivor Vanuatu, has definitely turned into "Survival of the Weakest". While I may be bitching and moaning more about what is happening on the show, the reality is that I am still watching and I am still hooting and hollering when things happen on the show.

For example last night when the votes were cast and it was Julie that got dumped instead of Twila, I yelled "nooooooo!". Not the pretty one!!! No!

Emaciated Eliza has become the strongest of the weak, with perhaps more muscle than formerly flabby Chris (he seems to have lessened his load a bit and is now almost skinny).

So while things may not exactly be going my way this season (or yours - or the strong contestants for that matter), Survivor 9 Vanuatu has continued to be entertaining. But it is still LAME and of the 4 seasons I have watched it is by far the WEAKEST. But that doesn't mean that Survivor has been bumped off the top spot of my season pass on Tivo. Nope, it's still there right above the Apprentice which is trailing right on it's ass (another Mark Burnett show - more of an edge I think, but that may be because it is only in season 2 and is getting more attention???)

So what is my point and where am I going with this?

Despite this season being a little ho-hum and despite the challenges being dumbed down to give us "Survival of the Weakest", this show still rocks. I am eagerly awaiting the finale and can't wait to see which of the "weak" will win the big enchilada.

Dolly was a cutie!

Couldn't we have kept at least 1 pretty girl on the island???

Sorry, but Eliza is not attractive to me (besides - she is the next to go...)

OK... I actually said that 2 months ago when the weak were taking over - oops - I was wrong... not about Dolly being cute, but about Eliza being the next to go...

So... the FINAL FOUR... the 4 weakest are... (in order of WEAKNESS):

1 Scout - not worthy of being in the game. If she wasn't so damn weak she'd have been booted long ago, but the game isn't about survival anymore... it's about flying under the radar and not intimidating the others. Have you seen her hobble through the challenges? She doesn't even try to win.

2 Twila - Twila rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning of the season. Despite her being a repulsive woman that would even lie about her family (I know - it's Survivor!), she is flabby with stretch marks all over her and is far from strong... she's a bitter old woman and wouldn't survive a week on an island by herself... She had an ager fit after the last tribal council that showed her true colors... mean and bitchie.

3 Chris - Chris was a weak one from the get go flubbing the earliest of challenges (fell off balance beam) so it's no wonder he is still there... nobody dreamed he'd ever win a challenge so they let him stay. I know there are those of you out there that think he is a brilliant  strategist, but I say it's not his strategy that kept him there, it's the fact that even Rory had better odds of winning immunity.

4 Eliza - I never liked Eliza... until now... she became the underdog and I appreciate her strength despite her bony thin frame. If the camera catches her at a bad angle she looks like a bag of bones... glad she had a hot dog with Chris last episode... she looked emaciated... but guess what - despite the thin frame she has become a dominant force and a powerhouse at challenges (that's a sad statement).

I believe that Chris and Eliza SHOULD be in the final 2.

I think it's more than appropriate that Eliza be the one to win the million dollars... she's survived and that is what the show is about. BUT that may not be the way it goes because Chris will have a say in who he wants with him in the final two and I doubt he wants Eliza to have a chance.

So - if I am to predict one winner I will say Chris has the best chance because the jury respects him and thinks he's been "crafty", while Eliza is far from loved. But then again - it's Survivor after all - anything can happen... it could be Scout vs. Twila in the final two.

Regardless... the season finale is sure to be an interesting one! And PLEASE anyone reading this that has access to Mark Burnett or production team - please tell them that fans are hankering for a season that is Survival of the Fittest - not the weakest!!! Please!!!

Should the last remaining "sole survivor" be a true survivor capable of surviving even the most demanding of circumstances? Or should the winner be an older woman that got there by not being a threat???

The big debate is on!

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK - send email to

Feedback on "Survival of the Weakest" article

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