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Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Recap + Video + Pics

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It's every man, woman and hamster for themselves as Big Brother 6 spins onto our boob tubes July 7, 2005. It just wouldn't be Summer without BB, would it???

Big Brother 6
Episode 1
+ Video
+ Photos

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Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Recap + Video + Pictures

The season premiere of episode 1 of Big Brother 6 was not a disappointment! We were treated to meeting the attractive new houseguests and given a whirlwind tour of the new house with teases from host Julie Chen about this seasons twists.

I found 2 of the female houseguests to be particlularly fetching - Sarah and Janelle. Let's see how long these 2 cuties last in the Big Brother 6 house.

Apparently the big twist this season is that every houseguest is secretly paired up with another houseguest... hmmm... sounds hokey, but hey, they haven't done wrong yet so I'll save the sarcasm for when they go over the edge.

Now, to set the record straight, last Summer's Big Brother 5 was the first season I ever watched. I did so reluctantly I might add, mainly because Paradise Hotel from the previous Summer never came back.

While not exactly the same, I must say that Big Brother 5 was a hoot and astonished me with similarities from Paradsie Hotel. Who lifted what form whom? Ah, well in this age of over reality saturation, it's hard to say who gets credit for what, with all the shows using similar methods of establishing the reality they want you to see.

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Intro Video from Big Brother 6 Episode 1 on CBS

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Intro Video from Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Video Clip
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So, this season the winner gets 1 million. Seems like it's about time. Bet Drew from last season is a bit tiffed he didn't get a million.

Not much action in the first episode other than watching the houseguests get acquainted with the new Big Brother 6 digs and get to know each other.

They dove straight into the first competition and it was for food and head of household. Two teams tossed coconuts. A team won. The winners then balanced on a surfboard in the backyard pool to see who'd fall off or give up, but unlike Survivor we didn't see the houseguests suffer for a long period. Rachel and Howie made it till the end when Howie needs to take a whiz, or was just being nice (secret partner?) and let's Rachel get the HOH.

Rachel wanted it bad. She gets the special Head of Household room and shows it off to oohs and ahhs from the jealous houseguests who must hang in the compound for a week.

We see a few deals being made but it's too early to know which guests are who and none of the politics made an impression on me. Surely once the guests are identifiable I'll start to notice the dealmaking and such.

In the meantime I'll just say it was good clean fun with an attractive cast and it looks like Big Brother 6 is headed in the right direction.

HOH Rachel ended up nominating Kaysar the Iraqi guy to be voted off (he seems nice enough though he likes to pray a few more times on that carpet thing he carries around than any person should need to, but hey - I don't know his God very well, so who am I to judge... me, I've got hobbies... but let's not get into religinouz dizcuzzonz here...).

Rachel also nominated Ashlea whom hasn't made an impression on HOH Rachel, or me for that matter. She flew under the radar but got nabbed to be dumped. Hmmm....

Too early to pick my faves, but lets hope we see some skin from a few of the girls before the guys domainate and take over the show. Unless they start picking off guys now, the girls may not have a chance. Only time will tell.

Get ready to work your Tivo to the bone this Summer. Big Brother 6 has arrived!

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Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Tease for Next Episode

Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Tease for Next Episode video clip
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