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Ivette & Crappy Cappy Big Brother 6

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CBS Big Brother Site

It's every man, woman and hamster for themselves as Big Brother 6 helps make Summer fun!

Ivette and Crappy Pappy Cappy

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The mystery of Ivette and Crappy Pappy Cappy

Big Brother 6 Nears The End

Reprinted with permission from Television Blogs 1

Well, April has been booted and it's now down to the 3 remaining girls:

1 Janelle 2 Maggie 3 Ivette

Best Friends Janelle & Ivette ham it up!

Janelle is the smartest.

Looks good too. Janelle has a nice calm realistic perspective and demeanor. She deserves to win more than Maggie and Ivette. Janelle is kind and rarely ever disrepects the other contestants. If she does it is done with class. Go girl!

Maggie is the quietest.

Maggie lost her crappy pappy Erik early on the game and clearly America didn't like Cappy as much as Maggie and Ivette (????) so Maggie took over Crappy Pappy's mission to be an asshole and seek revenge. But since the numbers have dwindled on her team Maggie has become pretty quiet. Isn't self preservation a bitch? She desrves it next after Janelle for also being a survivor.

Ivette is a loudmouth bitch.

Ivette is very emotional. Doesn't think before she shouts. Has a skewed and unrealistic perspective. Can't seem to understand why America doesn't see things her way. I bet she thinks America is stupid. For some reason she had a fixation on Crappy Pappy Cappy which is a mystery to everyone including Ivette's friendly lesbian girlfriend. Odd thing is she only had a brief exposure to Eric because he got booted early in the game. Good!

So now Ivette is up for the final 2 and has been as obnoxious and unreasonable as ever. She hit hard on April and is despicable. She does not deserve to win as she is a sore loser and.... STUPID! Don't get me wrong, stupid is ok in some cases, but because Ivette is so damn mean spirited STUPID in her case is untolerable. I guarantee that Ivette will be doing lots of crying when she hears her friends and family tell her the TRUTH but then again I bet Ivette will shout so loud she won't even hear them.

Big Brother 6 returns on Friday to let uis know who the final two are and concludes on Sept. 20th.


Reprinted with permission from Television Blogs 1

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