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The King is Back to Big Brother 6

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CBS Big Brother Site

It's every man, woman and hamster for themselves as Big Brother 6 helps make Summer fun!

The King
is Back
Big Brother 6

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The King is Back to Big Brother 6

While Big Brother 6 is taking a lot of twists and turns I can enthusiastically say it has been keeping me enthralled. This is only my second season of watching Big Brother and I love it! My nights almost seem like something is missing when there isn’t an episode of Big Brother 6 to watch. OK, I may be exagerating it but hey - the show rocks!

The latest twist is bound to set the house on fire! Kaysar, affectionately known as King Kaysar by the Big Brother 6 houseguests, has been voted back into the BB6 house! I couldn’t be happier!

I was concerned that the voters would be foolish enough to let the crappy cappy fireman short person back on the show. It turns out that the voting wasn’t even close! Eric had next to no chance of getting voted back in the house by the people! Right on America! Kaysar is back!

Boo & Janelle - From Howie's HOH Snapshots at the CBS Site

You know I was really down when Howie nominated James and Sarah instead of Maggie and Ivette to be elimated. Not that I liked James - I didn’t (but Sarah is super cute!). It just seemed like a poor strategic move on Howie’s part. He could have elimated 1 of the bad girls and get the house more leveled off competition wise.

Then when James won the veto and removed himself it seemed like Ivette had a good chance of getting nicked instead of Sarah. after all, she was far more threatening than the petite hottie Sarah, right? But NO! The Big Brother 6 houseguests took out the weepy Sarah. That’s sad because now we have to put up with more of the loud obnoxious Ivette whining and be subjected to her wimpering the name Crappy, or Cappy or whatever. Where did Cappi come from anyways? It’s like scraping a chalkboard when I hear the name Cappy. Geez!

I hope Kaysar will make sure that Ivette or Maggie get booted this next vote!

I must say it is interesting how April has turned on Ivette and is even talking smack about Maggie. It could be that she is just laying the groundwork so she can swing both ways depending on where the power shifts. Actually considering that Kaysar is back that was probably a good move on April’s part as she will be able to support Kaysar’s lobbying to dump Maggie and Ivette.

Only thing that could go wrong is if the houseguests let emotions get in the way and they all push to dump James. I say leave James in the game. He is completely harmless. He doesn’t even have one single supporter. He’s sunk! But why take him out when the Kaysar crew can use him to vote out Maggie or Ivette?

Janelle tans - From Howie's HOH Snapshots at the CBS Site

Nice shot Howie!

Well, as we all know, it’s different watching and thinking how we’d play when in reality there are things going on behind the scenes that make it difficult to know what is really going on in the Big Brother 6 household. The producers don’t show us everything and in fact skew things so it looks more even than it really is. Take for example the possibility they portrayed of Ivette getting voted out instead of Sarah - it was phony - Ivette only got 1 vote and that was from James.

Janelle & Howie - From Howie's HOH Snapshots at the CBS Site

So, it isn’t always as it seems in the Big Brother house. But one thing is for certain, with Kaysar back my girl Janelle now has a good chance of actually staying in the game... and if ya ask me, there is little to no chance that Kaysar will get nominated in the near future. He is as solid as can be at least for the next few weeks. And Janelle who is so sweet and smart has been getting dumped on by the opposing houseguests for no good reason other than she is so gorgeous. Gaybo in particlular seems put off by Janelle for some reason, perhaps because she has nicer skin and less hair on her legs than he does… who knows. Boo is another one that should go.

Well, it’s all up for grabs now! Rock on Big Brother 6!

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Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Tease for 2nd Episode

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Intro Video from Big Brother 6 Episode 1 on CBS

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Intro Video from Big Brother 6 Episode 1 Video Clip
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