Luck ends on HBO


Posted on : 25-Mar-2012 | By : admin | In : Actors and Actresses, Cable, HBO

The season finale of Luck on HBO is airing tonight. It has been sad watching it knowing there will not be a season 2.

Why couldn’t they find a way to continue?

I just wrote an article on how Luck has ended on HBO and am posting the full article at TV Robot.

Read more of the real story why Luck has been cancelled from Michael Man and David Milch


How much of the show had been shot when the plug got pulled?
Mann: We’d shot the first episode of the second season. We were into the first few days of the second episode.

Will we ever see that episode?
Mann: The first episode? Possibly, we’re not sure.

The title of the show was Luck. Every subplot and scene was to some degree about characters responding to sudden shifts in fortune and inexplicable events and random tragedy. Has this series of events, climaxing in cancellation, made either of you look at the show’s themes in a new or different light? 
Milch: I think that it’s all part of it, isn’t it, Matt?”