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DIRECTV Features

  • Browse programs without interrupting what you are currently watching on TV
  • Set your DVR to record your favorite shows from anywhere
  • Get program descriptions, cast and crew info, photos, recommendations, and parental ratings


DirecTV Plus HR24 HD DVR listen to new music

Summer Styles in Fashion Wigs


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Fashion wigs are a great way to change your hair style very quickly and easily. There’s no need to visit a hair dressers to have your hair style cut. If you are choosing wigs to wear during the hot summer months then you will need to ensure that you stay as cool as possible.
Short Styles
Short hair styles are extremely popular during the summer months. The reason for this is simply because they will help you to stay cooler for longer. Try to always stick with short styles and then you won’t have a problem with the heat.
Buying high quality lace wigs are a great way to make your hair look as natural as possible. Lace wigs also have the benefit of helping to keep your head cool.
There are loads of different hair colors available. You should try the different hair colors available so that you can choose the right type to suit you. Different complexions will suit different types and colors of wigs.
Try Wigs on
If you’re not sure what a wig looks like and whether it will suit you, then you should need to try the different wigs on. By trying the wigs on it is possible to ensure that they suit you and look perfect.
Summer is most people’s favorite seasons. It’s easier to look nice during these months because the sun is always shining. Wigs can be used to make your hair look much better very easily.

Cable TV on Computers


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In case you missed the great news, here goes: now you can watch cable television on computer! What’s a big deal, you may ask. Read on and you will know what the hype is all about.

It is no secret that cable TV is the most expensive option that gives you an access to a variety of channels – both national and international. Even compared to satellite TV, cable television is costly, while offering fewer choices.

At the same time, as compared to satellite TV, cable TV is more stable and provides higher quality thanks to its independency from weather conditions and physical damages. So, basically, both alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, when you choose to watch cable television on computer, you get a package of combined benefits against very few, if any at all, downsides. First of all, you get the same standard of quality that cable TV offers. Secondly, the selection of channels is so incomparably vast, that you will forget about your traditional cable TV easily.

Depending on the number of channels you get, your monthly cable TV subscription may deduct a plum sum out of your family budget (add any pay-per-view programs and movies!). Chances are you would like to expand the current package of channels you get, but simply cannot afford it. The beauty of the method that allows you to watch cable television on computer is that it is very cheap, yet provides you with a mind-bogging selection of channels.

Channels from all parts of the world, as well as your favorite national channels – up to 3,000 in total – can become available to you at a one-time fee which starts below $50 with most online retailers. This is the price you pay for an amazing new invention, a software application, which needs to be downloaded and installed. Don’t worry – even with basic computer skills, this should not be a problem for you.

So, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can watch cable television on computer and forget about monthly charges as well as pay-per-view programs. Tons of movies, music channels, shows, cartoons and live sports channels will be available to you 24/7. The icing on the cake is that the endless list of channels is constantly updated free of cost. In other words, you get a lifetime access to the world’s cable and satellite television at almost no cost!

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Go online to promote and share your video.


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The free online advertising offers certainly could not have come at a better time. Small businesses are just barely beginning to recover from the ravages of the recession of the past four years, and a little help trying to grow their business for free could be a great idea.

So what happens when you take advantage of these offers? Go online to promote and share your video.

Go to HotStop, and your ads, show up when you search for anything – quite the way they do on Google. What that means is, if you run a small HVAC installation business, your free advertisements will show up when anyone searches for anything related like “home insulation” and so on.

So if you want your free advertising, what do you have to do? On HotStop, you just have to put a link to HotStop on your business website. And that is all there is to it. HotStop is great for geographical advertising. They know where every business is. So anytime anyone searches for anything in that area, your ads show up.

Facebook will offer $50 worth of free advertising to small businesses in quite same way. Facebook has even organizing a nationwide campaign to show businesses how Facebook advertising is great for business. They have seminars, tutorials and workshops all over the place.

Satellite TV – Why Should You?


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Satellite TV

When you are looking for a satellite TV provider, you should pay special attention to what type of satellite TV systems they use. Different providers use different satellite TV systems and many people don’t even think about that. One company’s satellite TV system may be superior to another’s, so you should definitely ask about their satellite TV systems. How, then, are you supposed to know which satellite TV systems are good and which aren’t? The best way is to check with a consumer reports periodical or website.

Satellite TV – try these options!

There are some drawbacks to satellite TV that should be noted before a person commits to a contract. For one, satellite, unlike cable, can be affected by the weather. If the conditions are hostile, such as a bad thunderstorm, your satellite TV may not work as well or the picture won’t come in as clear.

Another drawback is that you may have to adjust your dish, depending on which channels you want. Most satellite TV carriers offer a remote that allows you to change the position of your dish, but many see this as a hassle. With cable, you simply choose a channel and you don’t have to worry that your cable box is pointed a certain way.

Choosing a Satellite TV Dish Provider


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Making the decision to leave cable and going with a satellite TV dish provider is a pretty big step. And once you decide to get a satellite dish you will then need to decide which dish provider to sign up with.

There are two major providers in the marketplace — DirectTV and Dish Network.

There are a lot of websites that try to compare the two services, but the problem you run into if you use one of these other websites is that they are often out of date. The cable and satellite TV industry is moving so fast, adding options and changing prices, that your best bet is to bypass these third-party websites and open up two windows in your browser and compare the options of each provider directly from its own website.

Once you decide upon which of the two providers you want to go with, you can always go back to your favorite search engine and search for a coupon or an introductory discount for that service.

Between the two satellite services, I have my favorite, but I think that which ever one you decide to go with, you’ll be pretty happy with.

Janey Cutler Britains Got Talent Super Star


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Britains Got Talent last year was dominated by Scottish singer Susan Boyle and we all know how well she has done. This years its another Scot making the news on BGT Lanarkshire grandmother, 81 year old Janey Cutler. She stunned judges at her audition in Glasgow by belting out Non Je Ne Regrette Rien the well know Edith Piaf song. I just watched the her semi final this evening June 3rd and her performance was even more magnificent. She brought the house down with her version of Shirley Basseys ‘My Life’ and had a standing ovation from judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and the audience.

Needless to say she sailed through getting a majority from the voting public. A very clever and original dancing duo, ‘Twist and Pulse’ join her and eight other acts in Saturdays final.

Janey Cutler has sang in the local pubs and clubs around her home in Scotland for years and this success has come very late for this elegant lady. That said nothing seems to phase her, and judging from the thousands of views she has had on You Tube since she ht the headlines she is going to have a hectic year.

Can she win the Britains Got Talent final this week? After tonight’s performance the odds are shortening fast and she is now a contender for the top spot.

Recording Studio Profits


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You cannot believe the overwhelming
demand that exist for recording studios. Look around you, kids are developing their talents earlier, with help from computers and the internet
everyone wants to be an Americal Idol
and get on to one many reality shows
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The Samsung LED HDTV is Ultra Thin


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Because the Samsung UN55B8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV doesn’t use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) like other models of HDTV it is Ultra Thin. And I mean ULTRA!!! Only 1.5 inches wide. That is thanks to the use of LED’s (light emitting diodes). This also means that it uses up to 40% less energy than conventional Flat Screen TV’s and it emits virtually no heat like conventional HDTV’s do. Because LED TV’s don’t use bulbs so they don’t generate heat!

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Awesome 90s – A Decade of Entertainment


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7th Heaven, Friends, All McBeal, Babylon 5, Pensacola – what do these titles conjure in your mind? Yes, these are 90s TV Shows that some of us still have vivid memories of watching either while growing or while still grown ups. One of my favorite 90s TV shows was Lexx. If you loved the Sci-Fi Channel back then, the 60-minute Lexx TV show must have blown your mind as it did me. Based on a story about a group of fugitives from a corrupt and evil inter-planetary government who come into possession of a powerful starship, they journey through the universe exploring planets.

Another 90s TV Show that will forever live in our memories is the 7th Heaven TV show that revolved around the lives of a very loving family who tried to live by traditional Christian values. It explored many serious issues and the kids’ reaction to these issues brought out the essence of the show. This family included a father who was a minister, a stay-at-home mom and 7 children from kindergarten to High School. The teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 kept me up as well. This drama series revolved around the lives of rich Beverly Hills kids. The show gave us a glimpse of the lives of rich kids living in the 90210 zip code. It showed the comparisons of family ties between the less rich and the neglected kids with super rich parents reminding us that money does not buy happiness. With 10 packed seasons, it is one show that will forever live in our memories as well. Even now days digital cable tv shows are more featured and with high definition broadcast.

Watch TV on your PC


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Can you watch TV on your PC?

You sure can! How about 12,000 channels from all over the world! Channels you can’t even get on your satellite dish. Think about how much money you pay for cable TV per year! $300-$400-$500-$1000 per year?
The internet makes it easy for anyone to watch TV on your PC.

College Students listen Up! With your laptop in your dorm and a set of ear buds now you have your own private little space to take a break from those books. Find that sanctuary of your own. No more limits on where you want to watch TV, any room in the house works if you have a wireless laptop. Traveling, bring your laptop with you and your 12,000 channels.

It’s a new world. The digital phone over the internet made making long distance calls easier, now it’s the TV.

The #1 source for all of your Favorite Shows! Why you should never pay for cable TV or satellite.

Plus you will have access to $200 in bonus prizes! All revealed in my short video…

Watch my video review about watching TV on your PC then decide if it’s right for you. You can purchase the one-time-program at the end of the video, no additional fees. You can link here to watch TV on your PC

Buying Child Halloween Costumes In TV News


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Halloween is such an important Holiday in North America, that everyday, there is something on TV about Halloween, and everything to do with it, especially costumes.

All the big costume retailers have ads running in prime time. That shows how much buying an Halloween costume, means to the American Holiday Maker.

If you want information on Child Halloween Costumes, just visit my Blog, Mermaid Halloween Costume and browse through the various articles.

Happy Halloween.