Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System,Artiste 2.4G TV Assistive Listening Headphones, Including Wireless Transmitter,for Elderly Hearing Aid Headset,TV Sound Amplifier,2 Packs Battery-White


Posted on : 14-Mar-2020 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

This 2.4GHz DIGITAL Wireless Chin Headphoneuseslatest digital wireless technology, and enables to improve the hearing aid capability that may required by the elderly people to enjoy crystal sound stereo music and TV sound anywhere inside your home. Simply connect the transmitter to a desired audio source: DVD player, CD player, TV set, Hi-Fi system, or iPod. Without complicated wiring and installation, the system enables you to enjoy thrilling, lifelike sound in minutes.


1. 2.4GHz Digital Hopping System Technology
2. Docking Charge Mechanism
3. RF Transmission Auto Off (when without audio signal)
4. Music Muting for Verbal Communications (hearing aids function)
5. Speed Charging Mechanism
6. Spare Battery Charging Design
7. Microphone Adapter for sound pick up from audio source
8. Adjustment of Sound Balance
9. Adjustment of Treble/Tone Clarity

Transmission mode: Digital Hopping System
Carrier frequency : 2.4GHz ISM BANDI
Operating voltage : Transmitter : 5V 550mA
Receiver : 3.7 V, 350 mA Lithium Polymer Battery
Frequency response : 30 Hz – 20 KHz
Distortion : <0.5%
Signal-to-noise ratio : >75 dB

Package listing:
APH100 Headphone*1
Rechargeable base *1
Rechargeable batteries*2
Earbuds*2 pairs
RCA Adapter Cable*1
6.3MM to 3.5MM Adapter*1
External mic *1
Connection cables*1

Product Features

  • Great Sound And Adjustable Tone Clartiy: Hearing Enhancement for listening and communication,Mono or Stereo model Optional,plus 4 Tones Clartiy to enjoying the best sound,Made of lightweight plastic.
  • Universal Application:Support all devices W/3.5mm Audio port, Compatible with iPod iPhone, CD, MP3 players, TVs. Quick Charge rechargeable battery(2sets)
  • Lastest Wireless Singal Tech:2 4GHz Wireless RF radio frequency,HI-DEF sound crystal clear music and TV audio,can reach 72 feet open range .
  • Easy operate Even for 80’s Grandfather:Hearing impaied just Press the mic button to Mute the TV sound and the built in mic will turn the headphones into a device that will pick up and amplify conversations around you.
  • Purchase Includes: 1 Transmitter/Charging Base, 1 AC adapter, 1 Headset, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 2 Pairs of earbuds, RCA Adapter Cable, Auxiliary Cable (3.5mm), 6.3mm to 3.5mm Adapter and an External Microphone,One year warranty!


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Highly recommend

I have many ideas to improve this yet it is still helping me greatly with my elderly mom. Wonderful! Artiste Digital Wireless Headphones with 2.4ghz Including Wireless Transmitter, For ElderlyMy mom is 97 so she qualifies for the “elderly” in the description. I just threw out about $200 on a set of Sennheiser wireless headphones. While the majority of people needing these types of headphones tend to be elderly, Sennheiser designed their set to be anything but easy for an elderly user to use. They made the controlling buttons small, difficult to distinguish and black on black design. What they have going for them is big cushy earphones and great sound. Well mom can’t hear that well so great sound isn’t as important as easy to use and decent sound. So my search continued and I found these Artiste set of earphones and the description says elderly. So, I hoped I found my solution. I think I did OK but while teaching mom how to use these I also learned a few things that could be improved.Let’s start with the kit. The earphones remind me of a stethoscope in their design. They are decent to wear short term but seem to be only a fair design choice for long term comfortable use. While it’s not very heavy they look like they might be more comfortable with maybe ear hooks or more ear bracing for support. I’m OK with the control unit hanging below the neck as that’s a good place for the controls. I liked that the on/off switch was ribbed but I would suggest a contrasting color and more rubberized for easier switching for older weaker hands and poor vision. The best example of a great switch is the microphone button on the front. Big round and easy to push/squeeze. The volume wheel is good in that it’s black on white but could be bigger/bumpier and easier to spin. I like that there were two sizes of ear buds but suggest there should even more choices and an easy to get supplemental buds kit. Overall mom was happy with the sound after we played with some of the tone options, more on that in the base unit discussion. On the back is a balance adjuster for the sound, I found it on the small size but too easy to dislodge from center. I’m not going to try and teach mom about this. The last thing is the big button on the front that switches from the TV sound to a microphone on the unit. She found that when the TV was adjusted to a good volume the mic volume was too low and boomy. If we adjusted to that then the TV was too loud. Here’s an idea, independent volumes for both with memory so switching back and forth doesn’t affect the other? I could dream, right? Also If the mic button was knurled made of rubber and spun it might make a great volume control and the current volume wheel could be replaced by a large push button to control the mic. More ideas.The base unit which is the charger and transmitter is wonderfully compact. I can place it right in front of the TV so it’s easy for mom to take the earphones from it and replace them to charge. When they are being used the base is low enough to be out of the TV screen image. I love that there are two batteries, one in the earphone and one charging in the base. I haven’t dealt with teaching mom how to switch them but I think the ease of use and design is about as perfect as can be. I hope I can teach her how to do it. Mom has age related memory issues so what was easy for her before isn’t now. So that’s why I was looking for the easiest headset I could find and afford. Another something I’d like to see in this system, for a future design, is that the earphones don’t go to sleep when charging. I found that out while teaching her. After awhile the earphones went to sleep and had to be turned on again. I wish they would just mute on the charger and pick up where they were when placed on the head. No switches or other needs. I had to show her to first turn it off, then turn it back on. That was a difficult concept to teach, it could be simpler. Also on the base are three buttons to change sound equalization (tone) and I think after first liking the bassy sound best, it got overwhelming to her from the music in commercials. So our best choice now is off. Still, for different hearing deficiencies, it’s really good to have at least three distinct choices of sound.All of the rest of the stuff are a bunch of connecting wires which should help you attach this to any device and an external microphone to just put in front a speaker if there are no outputs. This was well thought out. Actually the whole set is fairly well thought out and for me and mom an improvement over the more costly Sennheiser headphones. I give sound quality to them but I had mom using this Artiste earphone set better in two hours than those in over a month of frustration. Even with all the ideas I had, by watching where my mom was struggling, I still think long term she will be much better off with this nice set. I do recommend them for the elderly and if they are more in control, my issues with mom won’t bother you or your elder.This product was provided at a…