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Posted on : 20-Jan-2019 | By : Mary Patterson | In : TV Shows

Product Features

  • PLEASE NOTE: This app is used to access your current Beachbody on Demand subscription.
  • Hundreds of workouts backed by proven results for every goal, fitness level, and workout style
  • Improved stability
  • Easier navigation, find your favorites programs even faster
  • Enhanced video features, access workout modifiers in real time without leaving the player
  • Closed captioning and multiple language audio tracks – when available
  • Quick view of program details


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Exactly what I needed for my postpartum fitness

BOD – Could be 5 Stars if fix App so not locked out after each cycle ends BOD – BeachBody On Demand: Could be 5 Stars if they fixed how the BOD App works so it doesn’t lock you out for a week “break” after each cycle ends & then one has to be invited back each new cycle and if BOD also added some joint friendly routines for people with RA.Mostly Good… (except when the BOD App goes on “vacation” so can’t log workouts. Thus loose accountability, then loose motivation, & eventually just quit exercising!)THE GOOD:After almost a year our adult daughters continue to use BOD semi-regularly – while my husband & I have stopped using it together & he occasionally uses it alone or with one of our daughters. We liked the wide range & variety of exercise routines available & my daughter especially likes the live specialty programs that launch occasionally (she did an 80 day Boot camp) thru one of the coaches in conjunction with the BOD app (log workouts & progress with inches/weight loss) & Facebook groups (communicate with your coach and other BOD-ers) as well as the opportunity to compete for “swag” prizes every couple mos. One daughter won a pair of Nikes & they both have won T-shirts. My daughter who travels often likes the Live Streaming on her phone option – though we learned the hard way that it eats thru a ton of data! So it’s necessary to remember to preload videos if one won’t have access to Wi-Fi. The recipes and healthy eating info on Fixate are also very good & we still use those every day.THE NOT SO GREAT:However – when we first signed up with BOD it took almost a month for them to rectify & straighten out issues they were having with Live streaming the exercise videos thru our cable provider & thus we could only cast videos to the TV from my husband’s cell phone – which was a tad inconvenient! Once that issue was reconciled, then the real issue was that we couldn’t find an exercise routine that was going to work for us (my husband and I) to do together – which was why we bought BOD to begin with. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and all of the programs were very hard on my joints – either via bouncing to my ankles or floor work which was much too hard on my wrists & shoulders (& no amount of mats on the floor could cushion my hips or elbows sufficiently). The program we specifically had had the highest hopes for – Tony Horton’s “Double Time” – intended to be done as a pair, which should have worked for us – was simply too hard to follow along with & frankly not much fun to do. By time we figured out how or what to do, they’d already moved on to the next segment. So after a half dozen or so tries at that one we just gave up in frustration. I’m sure Tony is awesome in the P90X advanced video series – but I found him frustrating in this series. I couldn’t understand his explanations quickly enuf & thus didn’t feel motivated to want to keep going. So in my opinion, explaining less advanced level exercises into digestible segments that will motivate the rest of us to push thru (& maybe some day be able to do P90X) is not his forte’.ShakeOlogy – extremely expensive. Some people swear by it. Most don’t. You have to take the first shipment when you sign up. Then you can cancel after that – best & surest way to cancel is via an online chat. Be sure to do it well in advance & keep a copy of your chat. Most people agree that the Vegan flavors taste better than the regular flavors (who knows why?). And 99% agree that you must use a blender or bullet to blend enuf to get the grittiness out & get a smooth tasting shake. Thus you will need to blend with ice in order to end up with a drink that is still cold enuf to drink. With your ice, also recommend using almond milk &/or cold coffee (cold brew coffee best) – not water as the directions say. Blends better and tastes better.The straw that broke the proverbial camels back so to speak however was the app to track your progress! I was sold on the idea of BOD because of “accountability”. I liked the idea of having to log into the BOD app everyday to log my workout & once a week to log my weight/inches (optional). I also set mine to “nag” me if I didnt log exercise. So even though I was having all the problems I outlined above – I was still pushing thru & kept trying different types of exercise routines/trainers – determined to find something, anything that would eventually work for me. And I kept logging in every day & posting a picture everyday as “proof”. But then the app went on “vacation”! What the…? Apparently BOD runs in cycles – OK, I get that for the contests & the prizes etc… But WHY does there have to be a 1-2 week break between cycles & why does the App have to shut down and not let you track/log your workouts? And then to make it worse – you don’t even get automatically added back into the BOD Tracker App when the next cycle does start. You need to request an invitation and be accepted – because you are locked out. And if your coach has stopped coaching – and silly you hasn’t also…

Pretty Good.