Motorbike TV


Posted on : 12-Jul-2018 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

Product Features

  • Motorbike is a game designed on a realistic physics engine.
  • It comes with 80 original tracks by baKno Games.
  • It also includes thousands of fantastic online tracks submitted by other Motorbike enthusiasts using the track editor that comes with the game.
  • The track editor allows users to create custom tracks, save them on their devices, play them anytime, and post them to baKno to be included as online tracks.
  • You can customize the rider, his/her outfit, the bike model and the bike color.
  • You can also customize the placement and alignment of the tap controls, or whether you prefer to control the rider with the device’s accelerometer.
  • The location of the game can be changed to four thrilling mountainous landscapes.
  • Finally, the game includes exhilarating music and sound effects.


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