Lightning To HDMI AV Adapter LinkOn For Apple iPad And iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 Audio, Video, Screen Sharing Mirroring And Lecture Presentation to Big TV Screen or Projector (Grey)


Posted on : 19-Jun-2018 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

Product Description:

This product supports video and audio streaming directly from your iPhone or iPad to any monitor or TV which supports HDMI input. Due to limitations put in place by Apple you will not be able to play paid content like Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, DIRECTV. Browsing, playing videos from YouTube and from the local phone memory, sharing pictures, slides or other MS Office applications and more are among the supported options.

Our testing shows that you may get slower videos and delayed sound when playing Full HD (1080p) and the reason for that is the insufficient CPU/video adapter power. Starting from iPhone 7 onwards even the Full HD movies are working smoothly.

Product Warranty:

This product has one-year full warranty. For any issue – please use the contact seller option for your order in order to contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Product Features

  • ✅ EXCELLENT MOBILITY – Watch your media or deliver your presentation on a bigger screen where it is most convenient. This tiny device will fit even in the smallest pocket and will always be with you when you need it.
  • ✅ GREAT COMPATIBILITY – Output Full HD 1080p from your Apple phone or tablet to any HDMI compatible device. Please check the detailed description for the list of supported applications. Please note that Apple power adapter must be used to power the adapter.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This highly visible adapter will help you look very well even in a business meeting when you need to be confident and convincing. The colors make the adapter look just about right for any situation.
  • ✅ STURDY AND DURABLE – This adapter will not let you down since it is made only from quality materials. The aluminum shells of the case and the connector will survive even in unfriendly environment.
  • ✅ SECURE AND COMPLIANT – You will feel secure since this device is build according to all the HDMI and Apple standards. On top of that you receive ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY. Should you have any issues please contact us and we will be glad to resolve your problem.


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