Lazy Man Glasses High Definition Glasses Prism Periscope Lie Down Eyeglasses for Reading and Watch TV in Bed Unisex


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Lazy Man Glasses

Fun and unique products, you can use this lazy eyeglasses to watch TV or newspaper while you are lying in bed or on the sofa
Using the reflective principle, you can enjoy watching TV or books without having to sit up and lying on the bed, making it more comfortable and convenient for everyday life.
Side filter design filters out dead rays for a clearer view image
Suitable for most people, including the elderly, children and people with medical problems.

Product Features

  • Our high definition prism glasses help you read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain
  • The shape of special glasses is similar to ordinary glasses. You can only wear prism glasses or wear it on regular glasses (including prescription glasses). It consists of a frame, a fixed component, and a refractive lens, which turns a linear light into a curved line. The refractive lens is placed in the viewfinder of the frame; the fasteners and the frame are fastened together
  • Turn the viewing angle down 90 degrees without head movement. You can use this lazy eyeglasses to watch TV or newspapers while you lie on the bed or on the couch and use the reflective principle. You don’t need to sit up and lie on the bed and you can enjoy watching TV or books for more comfort and convenience. For those who do not want to move, this is the best choice. This is a practical and thoughtful gift.
  • The side filter design filters out unwanted light to ensure a clearer view image. Suitable for most people, including the elderly and children.
  • Note: Some people will feel dizzy after wearing lazy glasses, which is a normal phenomenon, it is recommended that you wear glasses lying on the bed or sofa, not on the move

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