Enshey Horizontal Lazy Glasses High Definition Prism Periscope Eyeglasses Spectacles universal myopia or Presbyopia Usable Lie Down for Reading and Watching TV in bed Unisex


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Are you stuck with the fact that the reclining in bed at night to watch TV with intolerably uncomfortable? Have you ever tried to stay in bed not with lots of pillows’ helps? In this case, these glasses are right for you. The built-in mirror ensure that the field of view is rotated within 90 ° around the horizontal axis. So keep flat in the healthiest way, you can still use these glasses for enjoying entertainments. The convenient anti-reflective coating and clear representation of the image help to relieve neck cramps and eye strain. The glasses also can be used even you are wearing glasses for the myopia!


-Size:Large(universal and for most of the myopia glasses)


-Frame Material:Plastic

-Lens Material:Resin

-Style: Horizontal lazy glasses

-Package Included: 1*Horizontal lazy glasses


-1)At the beginning ,you may feel giddy when wear it, this is normal phenomenon. Because this glasses is designed according to the standard interpupillary distance, if feel dizzy,it is your interpupillary distance is smaller or larger, it is suggested that try to wear then will adapt it;

-2)if the subtitles or TV sreen is too small,it will appear unclear;

-3) wear glasses each time for 30-60 minutes,then to rest for 15 minutes.it’s better for your eyes.

Product Features

  • Universal and Myopia Usable—Used for both youngsters and old people,great for the bedridden and hospital patients
  • Benefit for Health— Enshey High Definition Lazy Glasses help you read books and watch TV shows without direct contact and moving your head. Prevents from neck pain, radiation and eyestrain
  • Super Convenient—This High-qualified Optical Glasses is in a light weight which can be carried all around easily. And It has the similar shape as the ordinary one. You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses).
  • High Quality Glasses— Enshey Lazy Glasses are made by High Definition glasses and high quality reflecting prism which bring Clear and bright image, enable people in a supine position to see object in the front
  • Lifetime Warranty— Enshey Lazy Glasses guarantees you that you will be definitely satisfied with it! If there is any problem on quality defects, we will solve it for you immediately!


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Does not work with prescription glasses

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