Elemerce Foldable Aluminum Charging Stand for Apple Watch (Black)


Posted on : 10-Jan-2018 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

The Foldable Aluminum Charging Stand for Apple Watch is the perfect place to recharge your watch during the night. Designed for style and easy accessibility, this stand will be the perfect addition to your night stand. Just plug in your Apple watch at night, and enjoy a full battery ready for the next day!

Product Features

  • BEST SELLER | Introducing the Foldable Aluminum Charging Stand, the perfect charging stand to fit your needs. Hey, there’s a reason why our stand is a best seller.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE WATCH | Our stand is compatible with all apple watches. Not to mention it’s elegant minimalist design complements the devices that it holds.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PROTECTIVE| This stand is the perfect weight, allowing it to be a sturdy, protective stand and also a lightweight, portable one. Constructed of high-quality aluminum that resists scuffs & scratches, it’s the most durable stand on the market!
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE | No matter where you’re using your stand, an adjustable angle allows the flexibility to enjoy your device in every setting. Add to your cart today!
  • MADE OF DURABLE ALUMINUM | The Foldable Aluminum Premium Stand is crafted out of durable aluminum, so it’s sure to hold up and work like a charm!


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