elago W3 Stand [Original Design Awards] [White] – [Vintage Apple Monitor][Supports Nightstand Mode][Cable Management] – for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3


Posted on : 01-Apr-2018 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

Been an Apple fan for a long time? This stand is the perfect beside companion for you!
After installing the charger into the designated area, simply slide your Apple Watch into place and view it as a monitor!
Nightstand mode is compatible and all other functions of your watch are accessible.
Cable Management prevents damage to your cable and helps organize your area.
Compatible with all series of Apple Watch: Watch, Sport, and Edition. 

The W3 Stand is modeled after the vintage 1984 Macintosh computer. Your Apple Watch charges inside the stand and the screen of the watch lines up perfectly with stand. When charging, Nightstand mode is available and the W3 can be used as a bedside clock. Use the W3 Stand and experience nostalgia like never before!

Installing the magnetic charger is easy! Simply insert charging cable through the USB hole in the W3 and pull the cable through the bottom. The magnetic charger should sit flush with the circle provided for it. The W3 stand was designed so that the Apple Watch Charger does not overload or disconnect repeatedly.

Prevent damage and disconnection of the charging cable by utilizing the Cable Management and included Velcro bands. Through the use of the various tools provided, keep your cables tidy and organized.
The W3 Stand’s sitting angle was selected for optimal viewing when standing or sitting.

The W3 Stand is made of high-quality silicone material – which is harmless to the human body. Experience no discomfort when utilizing the stand. The unique flexibility and softness of the silicone prevents scratches to the Apple products and surface on which the stand rests on.

Product Features

  • VINTAGE DESIGN: View your Apple Watch display through a blast from the past. The display lines up perfectly to seem as though it is the display of an old Apple monitor.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place your Apple Watch on the stand to charge your watch; keep this stand near your bed to allow use of key functions such as alarm clocks and messages.
  • MATERIAL: The elago W3 is made from scratch-free silicone to prevent damage to your Apple Watch and to prevent it from moving around when resting on a surface.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with all Apple Watch Series and is compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode (WatchOS 2 or Latest Version)
  • DISCLAIMER: Charging Cable and Apple Watch are NOT INCLUDED.


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Great solution-keeps watch in place on the magnet