Echo Dot (3rd Gen) bundle with Fire TV Stick – Charcoal


Posted on : 18-Nov-2018 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

Product Features

  • This bundle includes a Fire TV Stick with the Alexa Voice Remote (1st gen) and an Echo Dot (3rd gen). Pair to get hands-free voice control of your Fire TV with Alexa-just say “Alexa, play ‘Game of Thrones.'”
  • Use your voice to control playback of content (play, pause, resume) in many of your favorite apps. Additionally, many apps including Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, SHOWTIME, NBC, and others have integrated even further with Alexa, which will allow you to browse, search, and change channels within supported apps.
  • Access over 500,000 movies and TV episodes with Fire TV Stick. Watch favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, and others.
  • Echo Dot is our most popular voice-controlled speaker, now with improved sound and a new design.
  • Do more with Alexa. From across the room, ask Alexa to play music, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and help with other requests.
  • Amazon Prime membership unlocks thousands of movies and TV episodes, including “Thursday Night Football”, Amazon Original Series, Prime Video Channels, and ad-free listening to millions of songs with Prime Music.


Comments (3)

Love the Dot and its new look, but the sound is still disappointing I’ve been a happy owner of a 2nd generation Echo and three 2nd generation Echo Dots for a year now, and I was glad to add this to the arsenal. After using it for a few days I am generally pleased with it, but it does have limitations, especially when it comes to sound quality (no surprise there!). I will start by summarizing what’s new about the 3rd Generation Dot, then I’ll describe the device in more detail, and finally I’ll add some thoughts about how to choose which Echo device may be best for you.The most obvious update to the Dot is the new look: it’s as if someone took a 2nd generation Dot, inflated it with an air pump, and wrapped the edge in fabric. And it’s not bad!What’s different/updated in the 3rd Generation Dot:1) It is slightly larger than the 2nd generation device, measuring 3.9″ wide x 1.7″ tall (2nd gen was 3.3″ wide x 1.3″ tall), and the top and bottom edges are more rounded. It is also substantially heavier at nearly twice the weight of the 2nd generation model.2) The 2nd generation Dot came in two color options (black and white), each of which had a shiny plastic exterior that I personally thought looked a little cheap. The 3rd generation Dot has a fabric exterior which gives it a classier appearance, and it’s available in three colors: heather grey, sandstone, and charcoal. The fabric and rounded edges give the 3rd generation Dot a much softer look than its predecessor.4) The 3rd generation Dot has a larger speaker (1.6″, versus 1.1″ on the 2nd gen), which is paired with a larger driver as well. I’ll talk below about the effect this has on audio quality.5) The placement of the microphones is slightly different: while the 2nd generation had seven small far-field microphones on its top surface; the 3rd generation has four microphones.—————————Overall appearance—————————I purchased the “sandstone” version. The cloth is a polyester woven fabric made up of lighter and darker shades which gives it more visual interest than if it were just a solid, uniform gray. The neutral color blends in with nearly any decor, and the cloth gives the unit a softer look which is great for areas of your house where you don’t want something that screams “I’m a device!”Aside from its larger size and slight convex bulge, the top of the device is nearly identical to that of the 2nd generation Dot: it has four buttons (volume up, volume down, microphone off, and an “action” button) and a multi-colored light ring around the top edge that tells you about the Echo’s status. The side of the device has an input for the power cable and a 3.5-mm output jack.One notable improvement is the shape of the power cable, which sits flatter against the wall than the 2nd generation Dot’s cable (see my photo to see them side by side). This may sound like an insignificant change, but it makes a huge difference if you want to plug the cable into an outlet that is behind a piece of furniture.————-Setup————-Setting up the Dot couldn’t be easier. You simply plug in the power cable, then use the Alexa app on your phone to connect the Dot to your WiFi network. The app leads you through everything, and the whole process takes less than a minute. Boom.—————-Audio—————-I did a side-by-side audio comparison of the 2nd and 3rd Generation Echo Dots, first with music (orchestral, a jazz combo, and some AC/DC) and then with a few newscasts. Everything does sound better on the 3rd generation Dot, but to be honest, the sound is still pretty anemic. Compared with the 2nd generation Dot, the sound is slightly fuller, not as annoyingly tinny, and has a small amount of bass presence (not much, but the 2nd generation had none). Newscasts and other spoken texts benefit from the fuller sound as well, but the difference is more pronounced with music. Just for fun, I also compared the 3rd generation Dot with my 3rd generation Echo, and THAT’S where I noticed a big difference. Yes, the new Dot sounds a bit better than its predecessor, but they both sound weak compared to the full-sized Echo. (To its credit, Amazon doesn’t claim that the Dot has room-filling sound.)I’ll be blunt: I really like the Dot, but I don’t use it to listen to music. At all. With so many other speaker options out there, there’s just no reason to use this as your primary music device.————————-Voice recognition————————-As I mentioned above, the number of microphones on the top surface has dropped from seven to four. I’m not sure what the rationale for this was, but after testing the Dot’s ability to pick up my voice from different distances and angles, I didn’t notice a substantial difference in the overall…

Overall improvement, but lost its flexibility

Much better audio quality!