4G Lion Browser


Posted on : 08-Jan-2018 | By : Mary Patterson | In : TV Shows

Product Features

  • 1.Use Incognito Mode and Secure or safe browsing experience and safe personal activities.
  • 2. Easy To Use and android  User Friendly Interface.
  • 3.Good UI Design.
  • 4. This Browser compatible with all Android devices.
  • 5. Ready to Bookmarks there you searching all favorite your websites.
  • 6. You Daily seen your Cities weather there you easily setup your city.
  • 7. High Saving Data
  • 8.Download your favorite movie, tv shows, videos,songs and much more.
  • 9. High Speeds of Surfing Data even 2G speed on Got Good Result.
  • 10. Main features navigation Drawer.
  • 11.You can easily Enable search bar, Enable Full Screen Mode,Enable Weather Notification, Enable Status bar.
  • 12.Easily setup Day-night mode of application.
  • 13.Reading easily News In this application.
  • 14.easily change app background image.
  • 15.Use ad-block feature and block images Feature.
  • 16. Flash player Supported.
  • 17. Easily and safe Online shopping.
  • 18. Easily navigate with social media.
  • 19. Easily sent and Receiving Messages.
  • 20. 100% bug free,Virus Free,Malware fee application.
  • 21.Easy to install and maintain.


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