WatchAir EPUS-100W Smart Antenna for a Wireless You, Local Live TV Streaming and Recording, No Wire to TV


Posted on : 30-Sep-2017 | By : admin | In : TV Shows

A smart antenna, WatchAir, powered by patented Hang & Watch Technology. This innovation will provide consumers with more complete alternatives by wirelessly streaming live HDTV directly from WatchAir to any smart phone, tablet, streaming box and stick, and smart TV. All equipped without a monthly subscription fee.

Product Features

  • Smart: GPS-based antenna installation guide will help you to find a spot to install
  • Simple: No worry about the wire from antenna to TV
  • Complete WatchAir app lets you watch your local live TV for more complete cord cutting. Model no : MH-110584 and SPVR2-01-NA.


Comments (2)

Perfect for “cord cutters”

Very cool HD antenna with no wires to your TV