NEW! Clear TV HD Digital Antenna – As Seen on TV – No More Cable Bills Genuine


Posted on : 22-Sep-2016 | By : James Smoot | In : TV Shows

Product Features

  • Clear TV HDTV Antenna AS SEEN ON TV wipes out the need for expensive and unnecessary cable bills for those consumers who are just looking to enjoy their favorite network shows. Its easy to set up, and provide viewers the opportunity to receive hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows for free. Watch your favorite network TV shows without signing a contract or paying monthly fees.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RECEPTION DEPENDS ON HOW CLOSE IS THE BROADCASTING TOWER LOCATED. This easy-to-use technology lets you bypass cable and satellite companies and provides you with a clear HD signal from almost anywhere.
  • Setting it up couldn’t be easier: Simply screw the cable into the existing antenna or cable port on your TV, and attach the lightweight, razor-thin antenna to a window or exterior wall (with included suction cups or mounting hardware).
  • Works on flat screen, standing and wall-mounted sets. Please Note:- For a reception, you need to follow the instructions very carefully as it depends on where you are installing the product or where is the TV installed. If there is a barrier or a big wall, then you may not get the expected reception. For analog Tv you need digital converter box to get digital signals.


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