Designing the Next Generation Event


Posted on : 05-Jul-2012 | By : Nelson Betton | In : Educational, Music

Cumar Marble & Granite and Over My Shoulder Foundation recently held an event that celebrated the “art of mentoring” – Mentorology.

June 18th, 2012 at the elegant Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The “Designing the Next Generation” event was a success and had the poet Marissa Ranahan – a young vibrant writer for the Over My Shoulder Foundation, recite a really moving poem titled: “An Ode to My Mentor.”

Here are some parts:

My Mentor, I greatly thank you
With every fiber of my heart,
The wings you built upon my back
Have yet to shed apart.

My Mentor, you stand with me
On grey days when my tears shed,
heart lying softly in my chest
Cradled by every word you’ve said

And when our paths again collide
And I witness your guiding light,
My wings again will itch to fly
As hope again, takes flight.