How to Manage Multiple video websites along with their SEO


Posted on : 14-May-2012 | By : Maxy Douglas | In : Educational, Online TV

If you are running a serious business online, you might be having multiple websites and you need to make sure that all those websites are available (up) all the time and bring you business in a reliable fashion. This can be a Herculean task, but it can be made easy if you follow these simple steps to manage your websites properly. Again if your website is new then you need to make it SEO friendly. Here are some tips from SEO company in India for managing your sites while sitting in Canada:

Take care of Hosting

The most important part is that your website should remain up and be available 24*7. To ensure this you should host your websites on three to four different hosting companies which are not only reliable but also secure. You can open a reseller account with another company once you feel you have enough number of sites on one server. You can also differentiate between your various service providers based on reliability. You can host your most important websites on best server and vice versa.

Don’t try to host with too many companies as it will become complicated. On the other hand hosting with just one company will leave you at their mercy.

Take care of Costs
As the number of sites increase the costs may also start increasing. Choose your plans carefully, some hosting providers lets you host many websites for one monthly fee. Sometimes it’s paying for a single hosting fee can be beneficial for your major sites, while smaller sites can be hosted under some other plan. Depending upon the packages you can have many options to choose from.

Downtime 1%
Almost all of the web hosting companies guarantee uptime of 99% but, 1% of downtime can be prove to be very costly. For example, if one of your major websites is down even for a few hours, it can cost you hundreds of dollars. Distributing your websites between different hosting providers will reduce the risk.

Backup & Security
To save yourself from the trouble of downtimes you need a strong security and backup solutions. Create back up of all sites running on different servers. If one company goes out of business, or if its servers go down for more than a day, you can switch to your backup very quickly and easily.

It’s better to do web development on your reseller sites. Sometimes changing one site can cause the other one to crash, so you want to keep development as far away from the live site. Web and graphic designer Aleah, who is doing graphic design in BC these days, can definitely help you in this regard.