The History of Animal Planet


Posted on : 28-Feb-2012 | By : John Makers | In : Televisions, TV Shows

Do you want to know the history of the Animal Planet show? Animal Planet was launched in 1996 in United States of America, under the ownership of Discovery Communication. It was the sister company of Discovery Channel. Just like its sister company, Animal Planet is also seen all over the world by talking its own channel in different cable tv of each country. If you do not have cable TV at home, then you can’t view this Animal Planet show. This show only focuses on wildlife. They give an intense review, and give intense new knowledge about every animals living in the wild. They have a very close competitor, which is the Nat Geo Wild. But they don’t worry about it because the rating of Animal Planet is way higher than the said competitor.

Must watch your favorite animal channel


Posted on : 12-Feb-2012 | By : John Makers | In : Televisions

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