Lost TV Remote Control Again? Use Sofa Armrest Organizer.


Posted on : 14-Mar-2010 | By : harryxx | In : DVD, DVR's, Programming, Televisions

Organizing and Keeping track of remote controls, eye glasses, program guides, pens, paper, magazines, and other end-table staples just got easier with the introduction of the Sofa Armrest Organizer.

The organizer fits on the arm of any sofa or chair and is the perfect way to gain control of all the items you like to keep at your finger tips while watching TV or just relaxing on the sofa or in your favorite chair.

The sofa arm organizer has six individual pockets that are sized to accommodate a wide variety of items to keep them handy.

In addition, the firm table top surface measures 6” x 12” so it is perfectly sized for beverages, snacks, or just a firm writing surface.

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