Awesome Super Bright Flashlight Infomercial


Posted on : 12-Mar-2010 | By : Joseph Lite | In : Commercials, Online TV, TV Shows

I was watching TV the other night and I caught the tail end of this really cool TV ad for a super bright flashlight. I searched all over the web the next day to find it. I am glad I did because I think this may be the most incredible flashlight ever designed. The super cool, bright led flashlight is called Blackfire Clamplight. It has a CREE 65 lumen bulb and seems to be as bright as a spot light. I love LED lights because they basically last forever. My biggest complaint about normal flashlights is what a pain it is to replace the bulb. I can never find the right one at the store. Well that gripe is over for the next 100,000 hours of usage because I just bought a Blackfire!

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