Reality TV Casting Seems So Arbitrary


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Earlier this year, a friend of mine went on a casting call for a popular reality television show. She had tried out for it once before and was turned down, and this year, she had a great story about why she wanted and deserved to be on the show.

Unfortunately, she was not selected and was kind of upset about it. She did say that one of the former contestants was at the casting call and told her that she had tried out seven times before she was accepted, and it got me to thinking that reality TV casting seems so arbitrary.

I understand that the very nature of selecting the right group of people to be on a reality show is subjective and can always be second-guessed, but I do wonder if the people who make those decisions have any sort of criteria they have to follow and why they select some of the people they do.

I watch the show that my friend was trying to get on, and there are times when I wonder what they were thinking when they selected a particular cast member. I don’t know if reality TV casting is done by different groups of people who go to different parts of the country and have different ideas of what they are looking for, but sometimes I think they really got it wrong.

Maybe it is just the fact that I really wanted my friend to get on this particular show. She is a big fan, and has wanted to get on it for years. She finally got up the courage to go and try out last year and was turned down, and then was turned down a second time this year. I do wish that I could go to the people who are doing the reality TV casting and speak on behalf of my friend, telling them all of the reasons that she would be a good contestant.

That would just embarrass her, though, and they would probably think that I was a nutcase. I asked her why it was so important to her that she actually be a contestant on the show rather than just watch it from home, and she told me that she really believes in what it stands for and feels like she would be a good fit. The group that did the casting, however, did not agree.

The reality TV casting crew did get her down for a while, but the good news is that the is already back on the horse and making plans to try out next year. She said she has been working on some new angles to try to get on the show, and said she will never quit trying to get on the show. I admire her determination, but my concern would always be that, since they already turned me down twice, what makes me think they would ever want me to be on the show, period?

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New Rules and Sources For Viewing National Television


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Television use to come into the home through an antenna that picked up the three major networks and a few other stations, if you were lucky. If you wanted to watch national television, you had to have a good antenna on your television or on the roof of your home. After that cable came along, and you didn’t always need the antenna any longer, though some still used them in rural areas up until recently when all television went to digital and a converter box became necessary as well. Thankfully, there are many different ways to get your television fix when you need it.

You can still get your national television shows through your local cable company. Cable now has hundreds of channels and also carries high definition channels for the newer television sets on the market. Cable also offers other options for watching movies and shows that you could not get just five or ten years ago. Your Internet connection may also come through your cable connection, depending on where you live. Cable comes in large and small packages, and can be put in any room in your home that you wish. Television can be anywhere you want it.

You can also get your national television shows through a satellite service. These are great if you want to save money, but there are some downfalls. Unlike cable, satellite television does tend to go out or have poor quality in bad weather. Some people simply can not get a good connection due to geography. However, if you can get a good, crisp signal, you can get national television shows through satellite at a great rate. You can get high definition channels through most carriers as well. Satellite is available in areas where there is no cable or very limited channels through local cable.

If you want to watch national television shows that are not current, you have the option of going through Netflix to see what you missed. In many cases, you can get entire seasons of your favorite shows from years past through Netflix through your television set. You can also order these through the mail as you would with other movies. Netflix also offers you some movies and other special national television programs through their instant and through the mail service. You can get this on your own or through X-Box Live if you wish. Other gaming services may offer the same thing.

The Internet is a great place to find some national television programming. Some soaps and other types of series offer that day or week of programming on their own web site. You can also find national television and international television shows through other online sources as well. If you have missed your shows and you forgot to record them, see if you can find them online. If you want to start a series all over again, chances are good that you can do that too. Not all series are offered this way, most of the popular ones end up being out on DVD, online, through Netflix, or as reruns on your cable or satellite service.

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Elvis Presley Music is Still Thriving


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I used to hang out at local ’50s themed restaurant that played what we refer to today as the oldies, music from the ’50s and ’60s. More than any other band or musician, Elvis Presley music seemed to play all the time.

I did not think much about this, because along with The Beatles, Elvis was probably the most famous and prolific rock-and-roll musician of that time period, but as I started paying more attention to the music being played at stores, malls and several other locations, I realized that Elvis Presley music is still thriving 50 years later.

The first time that I really experienced this phenomenon was when I went to Barnes & Noble one day, and I saw a little girl, probably not more than 12 or 13 years old, in the music department with headphones on, mouthing the words to “Heartbreak Hotel.” She seemed a little embarrassed when she looked up and saw me smiling, so I said, “You know that song?”

She laughed and said she loved Elvis Presley music and had several of his albums. She was buying one of his greatest hits CDs at Barnes & Noble, because she said that there were some songs on the CD that she did not have among her collection.

A few weeks later, I was taking my kids to a roller skating rink, where all of the kids seemed to be having a pretty good time, but were rather subdued. Then Elvis Presley’s song “Hounddog” started up, and all of the kids started whistling and cheering, and it just seemed like the speed of the rollerskating increased tremendously.

I grew up after the time of Elvis Presley’s prominance, and I was always a big fan, but I am a big music fan in general and was pretty unaware of how well his music has endured. It is not only something that you hear, either, but you can see it in cinema as well.

The first movies that come to mind for me when I think about Elvis Presley music are “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “3,000 Miles to Graceland.” I know that there are many more, but I saw those two movies were on the other day right around the same time, and what an interesting coincidence that was!

Elvis Presley music seems to play wherever I go thse days, and I can see that, even after all of these years, the “King” would be proud to know that his songs are played all the time and his music is still thriving. I guess there is a reason that Elvis Presley is from a genre of music often referred to as “classic rock,” because it never seems to go away.

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List of Reality TV Shows that Don’t Suck


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Let’s face it, Reality TV is generally horrible. MTV should change its name since it really does not show music videos anymore but instead has a long list of really bad reality shows like “Tool Academy”, “Bad Girl’s Club” and “From G’s to Gents” (which I actually like but still realize that it is horrible). Some of these bad shows are like watching a train wreck. It is hard sometimes to switch the stations. Other shows are so bad that they are easier to avoid like “The Karadashians” or “Real Housewives of Orange County” or “Jersey Shore”. Some shows are not even worth mentioning such as “The Surrreal World” and “I Love New York”.

But some reality TV is still compelling and the following titles are on my list of reality tv shows that don’t suck.

One of the best reality shows of all time is still “Survivor”. No matter where they dump off these people we are fascinated to watch as they live off of rice and fish (or sometimes bats and rats like James did with relish) for thirty days straight. The infighting is still real juicy and even after years the show still ranks high on the list of reality TV shows on the networks. When they go off to tribal council and someone gets blindsided, you realize that the trick is how the producers decide to edit the show. But as Eisenstein showed us many decades ago, every movie or TV show is created from whole cloth in the editing room.

Another in my short list of reality tv shows that don’t completely suck is the great and long running “American Idol”, which is arguably the best of the bunch. This is an amazing feat because in essence all it really is is a talent show with lots of production value and better contestants for the most part. The best part of the show each season is the very beginning when people line up for hours and hours to be heard by the panel. These “audition” shows are great because you get to hear the worst and funniest singing in the world. People are hilarious and it is because they are completely deluded. This is where you can see just how crazy the general public is and believe me, it is frightening. But, like bad karaoke, you can’t turn away from it or switch the channel. Once they get well into the show it usually becomes more boring, but the beginning is golden.

Although reality TV had been around in one form or another for many decades, it really gained momentum during the writer’s strike in the mid 1990s. The producers had to fill up air time and that gave us a few really good shows, and dozens more that were horrible beyond words. Let’s just hope that the writers stay on for a little while longer. On the other hand, I would much rather watch “Tila Tequila” than “CSI: Miami” any day of the week.

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A Shoppers Guide To Buying A Television


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There are 2 critical things to contemplate when buying a brand new television. First, what specific size television are you wanting to buy, and secondly whether to obtain an LCD, Plasma or LED TV.

The first thing to ponder over is the specific size of the TV you are looking to acquire. These days most people are picking to acquire flat panel televisions; in spite of the fact that the older bulky models are still currently on sale in several department shops. The screen size is one of the most essential elements to consider when finding a TV. A twenty-two inch product may not be a sensible idea for a large living room; in contrast a 72″ product is probably a very bad choice for a smaller bedroom. What’s more, if you put fifty inch telly into a tiny room then the picture quality will certainly suffer. This is caused by the reality that large screens are not supposed to be watched up close. Another essential thing to contemplate is the screen ratio. Some favour 16:9 or wide screen, whereas others favour the 4:3 traditional viewing ratios. Find a diverse assortment of technology products such as; TVs, Plasma TVs and iPods from leading brands online.

As soon as you have chosen what specific size TV is suitable for you, you should chose what particular type of TV you want. The three most well-liked choices are LCD, Plasma, or LED. LCD televisions are one of the most well-liked choices. The recommended retail price of both LCD and Plasma TVs has lowered in the past several years. LED TVs in contrast are still pricey, although they are undoubtedly the most energy efficient choice around. LCD and Plasma televisions both have points for and against. Plasma televisions can only be obtained in sizes bigger than 42 inches, meaning that if you decide on a smaller telly then you should acquire an LCD or LED model. LCD televisions use substantially less energy than a similar spec plasma TV; however Plasmas have significantly better viewing angles. The quality may well vary depending on the brand of the unit. For example, a Sony LCD TV may well seem superior to a Samsung LCD; but Samsung Plasmas might look better than Sony Plasmas. The life span of both LCD and Plasma TVs is assumed to be in the region of 20 years. The RRP are almost identical, although recently Plasma models have appeared to be a touch cheaper.

TV quality can differ from make to make and by product size. Price also changes a great deal even within one size. Overall, the choice of a telly is an incredibly personal decision. The ideal way to get a TV is to evaluate the televisions next to each other.

Recording Studio Profits


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A Useful Guide To Discovering The Best Calendar Girls Theatre Breaks Online


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Are you thinking about taking a London theatre break to see the West End theatre show Calendar Girls? Luckily you can get cheap theatre show deals online straight from the leisure of your PC or smartphone.

Calendars Girls was adapted as a stage play from the extremely-successful and highly-reviewed film of the exact same name. Opening in 2008 at the Chichester theatre, the theatre show then moved to the Noel Coward Theatre in London and features big names such as Arabella Weir, Kelly Brook, Janie Dee, Debbie Chazen, Helen Lederer, and Jam Leeming in the top roles.

It is a good idea to use one of the three popular internet search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) to learn about theatre companies that supply theatre bookings in the Capital. You can type in “london theatre package” or “london theatre and hotel” to discover theatre companies that sell theatre packages solely for the Calendar Girls musical. Uncover the best London breaks online.

It is important to shop around and contrast the various theatre sites instead of just using the first page that is presented on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Price is certainly a crucial factor but you should check to see what is actually included in the London theatre break.

Lots of sites will allow you to book your theatre packages 100% online. If you are going to do this then ensure that the website has a good reputation and secure before making any purchase. Try asking family, friends and colleagues whose opinions you trust if they have used the site at all. Ask to see how things went during their experience. Did the theatre package live up to the publicity, or were there a great number of things absent in the service? Check the site’s T’s and C’s in order to ensure that they have bonds to guarantee their packages.

When you are ready to purchase, you should be directed to a secure webpage. You can easily tell when a website is secure by the inclusion of a padlock logo in your internet browser’s status bar.

Calendar Girls is a tremendous account of an everyday Yorkshire lady who embarks on making an impact in the world by fund raising money for Leukemia research. This means that they pose for a nude calendar as part of their fundraising efforts in this witty and enriching story.

Luckily, through the marvel of the Web you can very easily find and purchase the best theatre breaks straight from your laptop.