The vibrating panties scene in the movie The Ugly Truth


Posted on : 18-Oct-2009 | By : gmarkusson | In : Actors and Actresses, DVD, Reviews, Talk Shows

One of the funniest movie scenes in years is from the movie “the Ugly Truth” where the actress Katherine Hegl plays a successful business woman working for a television station. At one point in the movie she is going out to dinner with her co-worker and her boss and happens to be wearing a pair of vibrating panties that her co-worker gave her. she looses the remote control for the vibrating underwear without noticing it and a young boy at another table picks it up thinking it’s a salt dispenser. As the boy presses the controls buttons she starts to get the buzz from the vibrating panties and the resulsts are hilarious.

Are You Looking for a Singing Talent Search?


Posted on : 13-Oct-2009 | By : mrbobp | In : Careers, Music

If you are looking for some tips on singing talent search contests and record companies, reading this article is a must.

Remember, there are many people who want to be the next singing sensation to sweep the nation. However, it takes more than talent for this to happen.

Buying Child Halloween Costumes In TV News


Posted on : 08-Oct-2009 | By : noelben | In : Broadcasting, Commercials, Talk Shows

Halloween is such an important Holiday in North America, that everyday, there is something on TV about Halloween, and everything to do with it, especially costumes.

All the big costume retailers have ads running in prime time. That shows how much buying an Halloween costume, means to the American Holiday Maker.

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Happy Halloween.