Guide of 2014 New Years Eve in London


Posted on : 12-Sep-2013 | By : Waraj | In : Travel

Let’s planning to celebrate the the last day of 2013 and to welcome the first day of 2014 in London, the capital city of UK.

The official fireworks display in London as usually will start at 00:00, and the view from The London Eye and barges in the Thames river will be a very spectacular show against a stunning backdrop.

The display of fireworks as usually will be broadcasted live on BBC One. Take a note that if you are willing to head into town to watch this fireworks live, then you have to plan in advance and ensure that you do not leave it too late otherwise you will find yourself being turned away.

You have to remember that best viewing spots are limited, and people are start to come since afternoon.

The most wanted vantage points are around the Victoria Embankment, north of the Thames, and the bridges.

Further detail of guide can be read on 2014 New Years Eve London

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