Dual Voltage System Functionality, Smart Battery Chargers


Posted on : 29-Jul-2013 | By : Daryl Broose | In : Electronics, Plumbing, Technology

Most new marine battery pack chargers and on-board battery pack chargers today has dual voltage system functionality both for 12 and 24-volt Black and Decker batteries with variable-current charging system like 30, 15 and 6 amps. They are also complete with a three stage charging system that allows it to charge various kinds of batteries to its full potential. It operates by initially launching a high current followed by a low current and a much lower current when it is almost full. The voltage and current induced by the charger and the time between transitioning from each and every stage is unique depending on the type of battery you use. For example if you have a Gel Cell battery, you can use the configuration settings for this type of battery through display console.

With the built-in unique software allows it for a slightly lower charge voltage and higher store voltage to protect delicate true Gel Cell batteries. Working with a selector switch, you can shift between the various forms of power packs including Flooded, Gel and AGM cell battery packs. Other important capabilities that usually integrated to a more advanced boat battery charger is the ability to conform in any kind of weather condition and ambient temperature, most chargers now incorporate a program that enables you to choose between different hot and cold temperature presets. Different temperature settings have an effect on how the chargers function to attain its maximum efficiency even in the coldest and hottest part of the year.

An excellent charger should have basic safety functions built into it apart from the standard circuit breaker and glass fuse that usually bundled when you purchase them and are also common circuit safety equipment in almost all automotive vehicles and big motorboats. It must have a reverse polarity protection circuit to protect the battery and the charger from short circuiting in case you unintentionally miss-wired it.

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