Technical Advancements in Home Cinema


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Do you just have a TV or do you have a home cinema?

Technological advancements offer any consumer plenty of options to choose from when we go shopping for new electronics, but what makes one manufacturer better than another?

1339689490_videoThis is a hard question to answer because each consumer has their own ideas about what will suit them. Some of the aspects we look at when purchasing new entertainment products is quality, value, and compatibility. Samsung is just one manufacturer. The Samsung home cinema has a high quality, great price, and compatibility.

The first factor, high quality, is important when looking at the components you need to upgrade or the entire system you wish to have. There are many televisions our there for sale, Samsung is just one of the manufacturers of plasma or flat screen TV’s.

This means the quality of the images will be high. Samsung also offers high quality when building their televisions. They strive to use the best material in building the television so that it will have a long shelf life or what should be called plasma life. When dealing with plasma we need to know that it has a half-life, this is how long the picture quality will last in your TV.

Even today Samsung is looking for new and better ways to get their televisions to last longer so you don’t have to buy a new TV in five years. Though in all likelihood you will want to upgrade to keep up with the other technology. TV’s are just one component to the home cinema. Other components like surround sound, DVD players, and receivers are important.

Do you have high definition 1080P?

A while ago I mentioned compatibility. It is important to most home cinema systems that you stay with in the manufacturer to receive the best quality of the products. This is also true of Samsung. You will want to purchase all of your products from the same manufacturer to keep the quality. Yes you can interchange manufacturers, but you may lose some sound or picture quality based on your decision.

The cost of Samsung home cinemas depends upon your choices. Obviously if you want the top of the line you will be spending well over a thousand dollars. If you want mid line you will still have quality. Samsung tries to have models at all levels of cost without sacrificing their quality. When deciding on a Samsung home cinema you will want to look at cost versus the quality and compatibility of the products.

Amazon Image News: Netflix Expands Territories


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Time for another update here at! Today, we’re going to talk about the total consolidation of Netflix Inc. thus leading to its success.

Netflix Inc., the globe’s leading online television service provider online, domineers the market through a global subscriber base that now runs at 44 million plus. The company successfully consolidated its leading position within the virtual TV industry through its movement into producing high quality entertainment and original content. By doing this, the company has helped itself perform better than most traditional satellite TV and cable providers that charge way beyond what Netflix does with akin services. Netflix has earned and continues to earn bulky revenues from the American market, which account to 33 million of its total subscribers.

The Netflix stock went over 129% within the previous year alone; the company carries on in creating value for its shareholders through outperformance of the Street’s lengthy expectations. We strongly believe that the stock is offering added upside, even though it remains at current valuations, as well examining the reason why investors must take note. Now, let us talk a bit more about why investors should purchase on any kind of dip regardless the stock price.

Netflix Expands Overseas

The American market, accounting over three fourths of the company’s total base of users, continues as the strongest driver for growth of revenues. However, Netflix recently gave word that growth rate in its global operations outspacing growth within the domestic scale market by a huge margin. The international stream subscribers of the company have increased to over 78.7% in the 4th quarter of its fiscal year 2013. On the other hand, its domestic subscribers base rose by 23% within the same period.

With that kind of trend, the international subscribers of Netflix will most likely start accounting for greater portions of its revenue rise as there will be maturity in the US market. It could be pointed out, too, that the mentioned segment is in the meantime currently flowing losses, with it being funded by profitable US enterprise of the company. Nonetheless, the losses are diminishing as the global subscriber base is growing. In the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2013, international segment downfalls fell closely to 20% year over year to $74 million such as the figures of the international subscribers list that increased to 113% within the year. Losses went to closely 46% lower year over year in the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2013.

The international operations of Netflix are much expected to incessantly move forward to total profitability, thus eventually contributing to the bottom line growth. The company is going to find that it actually has access to a much even bigger income flow than earlier. That way, it will be able to utilize in investing toward content development as well as further expansion.

Netflix is Planning Expansion to Europe

For now, Netflix currently doesn’t have large presence projections in the international markets. That basically means it has several untapped places for growth and expansion.

Netflix stays focused onto expansion in an international scale and it is trying to push a rather aggressive expansion game plan for Europe within the year. Based on reports which were released the previous month, the company is having discussions with several American entertainment giants so as to acquire rights for streaming across European landscapes, which includes Germany and France. If ever the company will be able to push through with this Europe deal, it is expected to grow another 12.5 million net profit for fiscal year 2014.

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How to Get American Netflix in Canada


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When it comes to streaming movies online, there’s no better name than Netflix. The platform, originally in the US, was released in Canada way back in 2010. This allowed Canadian subscribers to choose over a list of thousands of movie titles and TV episodes to watch with no daily limit. For as much as $7.99, you get to enjoy all of that and even before you pay for that monthly subscription, you can go with a thirty day free trial first to determine the whether Netflix is your thing or not.

Aside from all the good stuff you get out of Netflix, your choice are fairly limited when you are in Canada. Let’s do a little comparison, shall we?

-Netflix US covers 8000 movie titles and a couple thousands of series based shows

-Netflix Canada covers only 3000 movie titles and TV series that are limited to Canadian channels only. Though there is some exclusivity depending on the package you purchase.

So now, you see the profound difference? The figures may be of the same four digits but you can’t deny the fact that US Netflix has more than twice what Netflix Canada covers. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find yourself not being able to watch most of the latest movies you like simply because the US version will definitely have it first.

My Personal Experience

So I logged on to my Netflix account and my eyes were held captive by this new movie advertised on the main page. It was entitled Battle of the Year starred by my beloved Caity Lotz who also stars as the Black Canary in Season 2 of Arrow. Anyways, here’s the story – I tried clicking on the movie. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. I figured calling my brother who’s currently working a job in Minnesota. Well, he’s also a movie addict so it wasn’t a surprise, too, that he had a Netflix account. I got confirmation from him that the movie did play and there was even an HD version of it. Like where is the justice in that?

The Path I Took to Get American Netflix in Canada

Rather than chronically complaining on the restraints Canadian subscribers were bounded with, I just figured I’d look for a way around the situation. Like Descartes said once, “I think, therefore, I am.” So, I thought there’s a way, therefore, there is. And to some profound luck, there was! After reading a couple of stuff, especially reviews from other Canadian subscribers, I have found that the best way around that would be through a DNS server with these digits: or Another way around it would be through a virtual private network which grants you an IP address of any specific country that you want your network address to imitate. So in order to watch Netflix US in Canada, you can simply pick a US IP address with a VPN. If you have a PS3 and you prefer watching Netflix movies over that console, then simply go with the DNS codes since there is an option in the menu tabs that allows you to change DNS codes to the ones you see fit. And voila! You can watch How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and even movies that are currently in theatres in Canada but are already for streaming in the US.

You see the beauty of knowing how to get American Netflix in Canada is fairly priceless. Get to save money and get to enjoy quality time with quality movies and shows.