Latex Palm Work Gloves: Reasons To Consider Wells Lamont Gloves


Posted on : 29-Jul-2013 | By : Daryl Broose | In : Repairs, Safety

Unlike regular latex or rubber gloves, nitrile gloves don’t harm our skin and are preferred for individuals who have allergy to rubber. Most nitrile gloves are puncture resistant so it will not easily break if unexpectedly stab by pointed objects. It is perfect to use when painting your home or when performing car body repairs.

If you are doing work with tiny things or if your work requires perfection you need to have the fingerless gloves. These safety gloves look very identical to the normal gloves but with the finger uncovered so you can actually touch and feel the object. One good illustration is when you are operating or managing a machine or devices and it requires you to move a joystick precisely.

They also offer an insulated Wells Lamont leather gloves that can withstand extremely cold weather condition. These gloves are made with a combination of many different materials that helps prevent hot air from escaping and traps it inside. It is in fact a glove within a glove. Wells Lamont gloves are slightly costly compare to normal gloves. It is mainly because of the high quality workmanship and high grade materials incorporated in their gloves.

Improve Safety And Decorate Your Home Using Outdoor Stair Treads


Posted on : 27-Jul-2013 | By : Daryl Broose | In : Outdoor Decorating, Safety

Just as popular and important for both home and commercial use, stair treads are seen more often in many different places. Styles for home can be as elaborate as fine wood surfaces upgrading existing stairs or vinyl or rubber mats placed over steps to provide that extra measure of grip. Industrial products can be as attractive as those used for residential, but are often more rugged and thick.

As companies seek to prevent problems triggered by slippery walking surfaces including marble, granite or concrete, rubber stair treads are being used in many businesses. These can be made with attractive embossed patterns such as squares, circles or diamonds. The embossing helps to provide essential grip. With a range of color choices, the rubber can still add to the indoor decor or outdoor ambiance of the area. In areas of heavy foot traffic, or areas where water features are prevalent, the extra security of these outdoor stair treads is quite welcome.

Prices for individual pieces can range from forty to eighty dollars for high quality outdoor models to twenty bucks and under for basic mats. Some companies do offer special discounts on blemished materials. The commercial kinds are fixed to the stair steps with glues that are either water or solvent based. Applicators are usually provided with the purchase. It is also possible to arrange for professional installation.