Questions and Answers: Diet to Lose Weight in a Week


Posted on : 11-Dec-2013 | By : Adam | In : Diets, Nutrition, Weight Loss Diets

Many women are searching for the best diet to lose weight in a week. In fact, what is the best diet to lose weight is often asked girlfriends, acquaintances and other friends who’ve gone successfully on diets. There is this almost obsession to find the right diet, but what is it really? Is there such a thing?
Q & A: Diet to Lose Weight In A Week

Can I eat the foods that I normally eat? If they are sugary foods and those that are high in fat, or even overly processed foods, then the answer is no. When you go on a diet, stick to the foods that are low in calories but high in nutritional value. If you’re looking for dessert, chuck the cake and go for watermelon cubes or melon balls. Even a banana will do.

Q & A: Diet to Lose Weight In A Week

Can I not exercise since I don’t have the energy? If you want to lose weight and maintain your new desired weight, then exercising is part of the daily routine. That’s why starvation diets don’t work. You will be too weak to move! By increasing your daily activities, you’re increasing the calories you burn. This will result in faster weight loss.

Detox Your Body and Feel The Difference!


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How do you feel? Have you been sluggish lately? Do you feel that you’re always out of energy? The answer may be more simple than you think. Your body needs to recharge and rejuvenate. No, you don’t need expensive supplements nor medications. What you need is to detox your body and let it get rid of toxins.

You’ve seen the infomercials on TV. Celebrities hawking a lot of detox products and detox drinks for weight loss for premium prices! You don’t really need those. If you want to detox your body, then go for the most simple thing that ancients have used. Yes, plain water. If you just sip water for a day, you can purify your body. The ancients did this as cleansing for religious rituals. Today, we use fasting as detox for weight loss.

Another way to detox your body is to use the master cleanse lemon and water detox drink. Sounds simple enough? It is! Fill a tumbler with mineral water and squeeze one lemon. Add 1 tablespoon of maple sugar and stir. Drink a glass every 2 hours and see your body change almost overnight. Getting rid of toxins in the body has never been easier! Try it and see for yourself!