How To Make Healthy Smoothies in 3 Steps


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Looking for a great summer treat for the kids? How about a drink that’s not only refreshing but downright healthy, too? Yes, a smoothie can be enjoyed by all and still have vitamins and minerals that everybody needs. How to make healthy smoothies has never been easier now that supermarkets carry many different kinds of fruits that you can enjoy all year round!

How to Make Healthy Smoothies in 3 Steps:

1. Get a good blender. A good blender has a glass carafe that’s dishwasher safe. This makes clean-up easy because you can rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. The thought of cleaning and scrubbing will not deter you from making smoothies.

2. Make sure you have plenty of fruits on hand. Experiment with citrus and sweet fruits. How do they taste together? For a fruit medley, start with half a cup of 3 different fruits. For a sunrise smoothie, add a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. Lemon and lime will perk us the flavor of smoothies. Add a tablespoon or two and just let the flavors mix.

3. How to make healthy smoothies also means deciding whether to use milk or yogurt. If using milk, make the smoothie lighter in calories but still heavy on nutrients by switching to skim milk. Or, for more creamy and thick consistency, switch to yogurt. Use plain traditional or Greek.

3 Foods for Weight Loss You Can Enjoy Now


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Let’s face it, the thought of dieting and going on “rabbit food” is not pleasant at all. But did you know that there are foods that help lose weight the nutritious and yummy way? Yes, as you check out our diet blog, you’ll notice that a lot of women chime in on 3 good foods that help lose weight that you can enjoy now. The taste, versatility and nutrition value are what make them exceptional!

1. Squash – all varieties. Squash is part of the yellow vegetable group that’s high in vitamins and beta carotene. You can have summer, acorn, butternut and even zucchini. You can boil, steam, bake and even saute them. At 36 calories per cup, you can enjoy a bowl of squash and you’ll be full. The closer it is to its natural state, the better it will be for you. Boiled, steamed and baked are better, of course, than saute or when covered in sauce.

2. Spinach – raw for salad or steamed. 1 cup of raw spinach is only 7 calories and is loaded with Vitamin A. Use spinach in big handfuls and enjoy a salad that’s sprinkled with fresh lemon juice, cracked pepper. You can even dress it up with a grating of nutmeg or slices of garlic and olive oil. What you don’t want is add it to cream. This is where it becomes a no diet food than one of the foods that help lose weight easily.

3. Carrots are so versatile that they can go on any list! Boil, steam, bake, grate or chopped, you can add them to any food and get loads of vitamins and minerals! Use them a lot and never be hungry!