1 bhk Fully Furnished Apartment For Rent Without Deposit Amount


Posted on : 02-Feb-2015 | By : Hardik Jethva | In : Employment, Family, Home Building, Home Maintenance, Real Estate

Can we find 1 bhk fully furnished apartment for rent without deposit in Bangalore in today’s real estate market? I do not think so. Why you ask? Just because of the inflation in India which the government is not able to control. Due to inflation prices have increased in housing market. When the prices increases its obvious that the land lords charge high rent and ask for deposit amount before renting out to any tenant.

In Ramnagar where there are majority of government employees residing, there the rents are touching the sky. The politicians are the happy ones here just for the sole reason that a common man is not able to afford these areas, so they can have a high quality lifestyle there. This situation is now rapidly spreading to other popular areas in Bangalore too.

Places such as whitefield, Marathalli, Jayanagar & Indiranagar where majority of IT people are accommodating are paying high rents as of now. They are earning close to 60,000 INR per month as a family & hence they are able to afford such high priced apartments for rent in Bangalore. But what about the common man who just earns his living by selling on the busy streets? It is the life of such common people which is getting screwed. Till the Government take any responsible action, there is no solution to real estate vows in Bangalore.