The Future Of Mobile Or Portable Printer Technology


Posted on : 28-Jul-2013 | By : Daryl Broose | In : Computers And Technology, Electronics, Mobile

The ability to bring your laptop at anyplace is cool. It allows you to work and access the World Wide Web almost anywhere. Mobile computers are perfect for people who work in the field so they can record and make records on the field without the need to travel home or office just to use the computer. But what’s the use of a laptop if you are going to go back home or office just to make a memorandum or report for your business presentation.

Mobile printers are often battery operated and can make many page before recharging it, or if there’s an electrical outlet accessible, you can simply connect it in to maintain the battery. The mobile computer communicates and transfers its files via IRDA or Bluetooth wirelessly. You also have the option of connecting it to almost any personal computer via USB port. The majority of small mobile printers you can get basically depends on the size of paper you intend to work with. Additionally, it depends on just how much cash you are prepared to spend.

In the near future, expect to find a much smaller sized handheld printer, the length probably will not change considerably but the width and height will. The quality of print and the speed will probably improve enabling you to print higher quality images instantly. Some companies are now introducing an inkless printer which dramatically reduces the total dimension because of the space taken out by the ink cartridge.