Pitcher Pumps, One Of Man’s Greatest Inventions Still Being Used Today


Posted on : 29-Jul-2013 | By : Daryl Broose | In : Antiques, Plumbing

In these days of engineering advancements, we are used to seeing things that were once common go obsolete. Having said that, the hand water pump is still used worldwide, and it is one of the most valuable objects many people have. Getting a healthy, clean drink and being able to maintain hygienic and sanitary environments in their homes is a luxury for many.

On the other hand, in less established countries with large rural populations and even in crowded urban slums that have no utilities, hand well pumps are the only way people can get a clean drink. Surface waters are almost invariably contaminated, and for many individuals even the fuel to boil it is lacking. The sealed system of a pitcher pump delivers water without permitting pollutants to contaminate it.

This handy invention still serves many people around the globe, and there always seem to be those who prefer to be self-sufficient and to rely on their own power, rather than the kind that is acquired from an outside source. Actually, in light of uncertain weather and unstable politics, it would behove all of us to know the arts of getting the necessities of life in a crisis. Therefore, the hand water pump, one of man’s greatest inventions, may never go obsolete after all.