Walker County Arrest Records Archive


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Today, you can search the criminal records database in Texas and accomplish a complete personal background check on anybody. However, decades ago, if you wanted to check on someone’s history, you have to visit the county courthouse to manually search through the files and hope that you locate what you need. But now, all you have to do is enter a name online and you will instantly get a result. A search on Walker County Arrest Records has been made stress-free by the government with their several ways to access it.

The records section of the Sheriff Office is where you can send your request for records of arrest, traffic, incidents or any record. You may send your request to the Office of the General under Records Section and specify in your written request the information you are looking for. Another way to do so is to access the Texas Department of Criminal Justice online database which keeps the names of offenders currently imprisoned in the state.

First, you have to visit their official website. After, click the Offender Information Search and indicate the fields requiring information including the offender’s first and last name, sex, race, SID Number and TDCJ Number. To begin the search, click the search button. Do remember to have these information ready to make your search easier.

The police department is another government agency which can help you find Walker County arrest log records that would be useful in your search. If the individual was arrested by the city police, you can check the booking logs or police log which are also available to the public for information relevant to the arrest. Some law enforcement agencies also upload the register of bookings in their website even though this is only for a particular time.

If you fail to locate the report but you know which department made the booking, you can visit the police station. You will submit your request there for the said information. In addition, you can also visit the Sheriff Office who has jurisdiction over the whole police department in the Lone Star State. If the arrest evolved into an actual case and the individual was convicted, another option you can look into is checking the county court that has jurisdiction over the case. You will find the Odyssey online database of the county and access the case records by choosing the type of court.

Yet another option is to check the jail records of the incarcerated individual. You can do a search by booking number or by defendant. Specify the defendant’s name and click the search button to start your search. Remember that there are some reports that are not available to the public and should the one you are interested in is among them, you should contact the government agency and appeal for information on how to access these. You may also consider contracting the services of third party search providers who can help you access Texas Arrest Records that you need.

Building Your Own Solar Panel – Simple Steps


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Building your own solar panel is becoming more financially viable these days with skyrocketing electricity and heating costs, combined with the rapidly declining cost of solar panels. Constructing a solar panel is cheap (you can do it for less than $200) is easy with the simple steps you are going to learn today, and can easily be done in a few hours. Once it is finished, install the panel in your home and you will notice a massive decrease in your next utility bill. By building numerous different panels you can actually create a system powerful enough to “remove you from the grid”- basically, you will stop receiving power bills and instead your utility company could be sending you checks at the end of every month. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Building your own solar panel –

Step one- you need to get all of the required raw materials to produce the solar panel. Here is a list of what you will need, as well as where you can get the items, and what their rough cost will be,

* Solar Cells – eBay – approximately $80-$100 depending on where you live and how hard you look.

* Wood/lumber – Hardware store – around $20-30 depending on the exact measurements of the system, and whether your store is offering specials etc.

* Plexiglass or proper glass – Scrap piles, glazier discards – free if you can get it from a scrap pile, recycling centre or glazier discards. Otherwise the cost will be fairly low anyway.

* Tools such as saws, screwdrivers, screws, drill etc – Garage – Most people will have such tools already lying around in the garage.

* Wire – Hardware stores – Around $5-$10 for a large quantity. If you plan on building numerous solar panels then buy wire by the roll.

* Instruction manual – This will provide you with all the necessary measurements to build your solar panel, as well as images and video files of how exactly to put the components together and install them in a safe manner. You really do need to get one of these- the good news is that you can get downloadable ones over the Internet and they are not expensive (around $50, and you will also get a free copy of instructions that will show you how to build your own wind turbine)

The basic process of building your own solar panel involves-

1. Sizing up a plywood board. Next, the solar cells have to be aligned along the piece of plywood to the measurements and pattern laid out in the instruction manual.

2. Holes are then drilled in the ply and the copper wire is inserted through and attached to the cells. Another piece of ply is used to back the system and to prevent wires from sticking out.

3. One more ply piece is used to create a protruding frame around the panel, and then the glass sheet is inserted and attached securely in order to protect the delicate cells.

4. The finished system is painted and sealed, then installed and wired into your house’s electricity system as per the instruction manual (I’m not going to tell you this in words- you need pictures to do it properly and safely)

5. Enjoy saving hundreds of dollars a year from that one solar panel which, when the cost of instructions are included, will have cost you less than $200. You will never have to worry about the increasing cost of electricity again after building your own solar panel.

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